Dr. Zuckerman’s Laser Client Testimonials

Brad Schaeffer, DPM
New York, NY

Mark Poplawski, DPM
Toms River, NJ

Tatiana Wellens, DPM
Winter Haven, FL

Steve Sheridan, DPM
Sandusky, MI

Todd Zeno, DPM
East Berlin, PA

Jon Oliverio, DPM
Norton, OH

David Petersen, DPM
Laguna Woods, CA

Fausto Ramos, DPM
Perth Amboy, NJ

Jay Seidel, DPM
Baltimore, MD

Nikki Alexander, DPM
Philadelphia, PA

Steven Barrett, DPM
Marietta, GA

Ivar Roth, DPM
Newport Beach, CA

Suzette Clements, DPM
Decatur, GA

Peter Bregman, DPM
Las Vegas, NV

Matthew Barkoff, DPM
New York, NY

Julie Siegerman, DPM
Drexel Hill, PA

John Coleman, DPM
Macclenny, FL

Carolina – Podiatric Medical Asst.
Sebring, FL

Carolina – Podiatric Medical Asst.
Sebring, FL

Patient Testimonials




I met David in the late 90s at a seminar where he first introduced me to ESWT treatment.  I joined David as one of the original DPMs to use ESWT and I still use it – 20 years later.

When lasers became an option, David was the first one to educate me on the new technology and I have since purchased a couple of different lasers from him throughout the years.

The entire time we’ve known each other, I have found David to be upfront and honest; his service is always first-class.  My practice has benefited and grown since implementing the technology and training I’ve received from David.

David’s understanding of podiatric technology is among the best.  He is a pioneer, but he’s also become a good friend for nearly 20 years.

Peter Wishnie, DPM, Family Foot & Ankle Specialists

Dear David,

I wanted to let you know that only after having my laser for just about six days now I have already been able to pay my monthly payments off for the next three months and I do not see this getting anything but better at this point.

I have always known that laser therapy can be effective but it is also important to have the proper machine with the appropriate power and wavelengths to provide the best therapeutic effect.  I could not be more happy with the ease-of-use, the efficacy and the patient response to treatments.

I am also grateful for your help in facilitating the quickness of getting the machine and being very responsive to any of my questions no matter when they happened I highly recommend the Remy laser for anyone who is practicing in the sports medicine/Podiatry world it is something that I would have been doing sooner but glad I waited for this very affordable device!

Peter J. Bregman, DPM, Bregman Foot-Ankle & Nerve Center

David has been extremely helpful to assist my team completely understand the most useful features of the Class IV laser.  His expertise in laser technology is obvious. David goes above and beyond to be available for consultations and to make sure laser therapy is successful for my practice.

Since purchasing The Remy, I have already started seeing positive results in my patients.  They are very happy to have an alternative to invasive surgeries.
We have been using The Remy for plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis.  It’s been great not to have to send patients out for physical therapy anymore.

Plus, laser therapy is so easy for me to administer with The Remy. It’s lightweight and the screens are easy to navigate.
With the ability to treat pain, fungus, and perform certain surgical procedures, choosing laser therapy for my practice has been one of the best investments I have made in a long time!

Debra Weinstock DPM, Cross Bay Foot Care Center

I used my laser five times today.  I had an 86-year old patient with six months of plantar heel pain.  She left with no pain and said, “I love you,” on her way out the door.

David Petersen DPM, Pacific Foot & Ankle Center

I have had the pleasure to work with Dr. Zuckerman and his laser the Remy for the past several months. In order for the Remy to be of value for the office you need a support team. Dr. Zuckerman had been pivotal in providing support both in technical ability and in advertising to the patients in your office.  Dr. Zuckerman is very hands on in teaching and answering your questions personally and quickly.

I have found the Remy to be an extremely valuable tool not only in helping reducing patients pain and resolving their fungus but in adding revenue to my practice. It provides another tool to your arsenal of treatment that is a very effective in helping my patients. I love how the Remy is so versatile in switching from nail treatment to the fasciitis probe in less than a minute. The saved settings screen makes it easy to choose the correct treatment for the patient quickly. I’m very satisfied with the Remy and with all the devices I looked at I’m happy I purchased the Remy.

Chris Ferguson DPM, New West Podiatry

I am still in practice after 50 years .  I am using The Remy for pain and toenail fungus.  The only complaint I have is that I wish Dr. Zuckerman had introduced The Remy into my pratice years ago!  The Remy is one of the major breakthroughs in the treatment of podiatric pain conditions such as plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis, as well as pain and inflammation.

Earl Boots Horowitz DPM, New West Podiatry

I just began using the Remy Laser and it’s amazing! Training was easy, live, clear and concise. Dr Zuckerman has been available 24/7 via phone/text for support and is a wealth of information.My patients love the therapy itself and are raving about the results. I would definitely recommend adding this lucrative and effective treatment regimen to every practice.

Jay Seidel DPM, Hamilton Foot Care

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