A Better Way To Target Toenail Fungus

Now Available FOR FREE with Your Purchase of The Remy Class IV Laser!

By drilling through the nail plate, podiatrists are now able to more effectively treat the source of a fungal problem.

STEP 1: Micro-Drill Into Patient Nail Plate
STEP 2: Spray Oil-Free Anti-fungal Topical Into Micro-Pores
STEP 3: Spray Daily Until Nail/Holes Grow Out

Patients Experience ZERO PAIN
Due to a customized depth guard the MATRIX knows when to auto-retract before it ever reaches the soft tissue of a patient’s nail bed.

Plus, NO DEBRIDEMENT is necessary!
Patients do not need to suffer the loss of their nail(s).


When you purchase The Remy Class IV Laser (click here to learn more) you will also receive the Matrix Micro-Drill FOR FREE.

How Micro-Drilling Works

Trans-onychial Water Loss is the key to maintaining nail homeostasis and creating the proper environment for infection control.

Creates micro pathways, multiple columns in nail plate, enhancing penetration of topicals of choice.

The process of deep tissue stimulation has a direct effect on the chronic environment in moderate to severe infection.

The intact nail acts like a drip irrigation system.
No debridement necessary.

Maintains transonychial water loss – allowing for an immediate cosmetic improvement.

Allows direct access to the germinal matrix, excellent source of subungual debris.


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