Just a few of the practices currently using The Remy Class IV Laser System for enhanced patient care.

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The Remy is a Class IV, 510K, FDA-Cleared Laser Capable of Treating Multiple Conditions, Paired with Innovative & Practical Design

When you invest in a laser for your practice…
Zuckerman Future Technologies believes it should meet three important criteria:

  1. It should be effective and provide result in patient outcomes

  2. It should be affordable to the patient.

  3. It should result in ROI – quickly – for the practitioner.

The Remy Class IV Laser checks each of these boxes…
plus so much more!

The Remy is a changing the game for DPMs.

The Remy Checks all the Boxes for Physicians Looking to Provide an Effective and Conservative Patient Treatment Option:

  • Classification: IV

  • Functions: Pain/Inflammation | Toenail Fungus | Surgery

  • 510K, FDA-Clearance: Pain/Inflammation | Toenail Fungus | Surgery | Incision, Excision, Coagulation of Warts (no anesthetic needed)

  • Power: Low | Medium | High | 30w Peak

  • Weight: 4 lbs | Portable

  • Handpieces: Lightweight | Change w/ Finger-Switch

  • Price: Under $17K | Equates to Faster ROI

  • Additional Features: Toenail Micro-Drilling Attachment

  • Distribution: Direct Manufacturer (no middle-man)

  • Warranty: Five Years

  • Training: Team Training & Ongoing Consultation with a Podiatrist

  • Added Value: Turnkey Marketing Tool Kit

The Remy has been recently updated to include an Android software interface.  This now allows for immediate software updates online.

Now Introducing the Newest Class IV Laser – Remy45

The NEW Remy45 provides a light-weight option for an incredibly powerful laser … 45 watts and less than 10lbs!

Remy45 comes with the same quality and customer service as the original Remy Laser, however, if you’re looking for more power in a functional package – look no further.

Click to learn more about Remy45.

Remy Laser Client Testimonials

Julie Siegerman, DPM
Drexel Hill, PA

Matthew Barkoff, DPM
New York, NY

Suzette Clements, DPM
Decatur, GA

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The Remy Laser is provided by Zuckerman Future Technologies – founded by David Zuckerman DPM.
Zuckerman Future Technologies strives to elevate the podiatric profession by offering products and services that allow physicians to treat their patients with elite care and innovative technologies.

David Zuckerman, DPM is a recognized leader in emerging technologies for the podiatric profession.  In addition to 34 years of podiatric clinical experience, he is the CEO and Founder of a number of highly successful medical businesses.

Nearly two decades ago, he was the first podiatrist to use the Dornier Epos Ultra (today’s ESWT gold-standard) in the USA.  He developed a number of successful ESWT treatment techniques and protocols; resulting in the training of over 500 podiatrists. He also co-founded Excellence Shockwave Therapy.

In 2007, Dr. Zuckerman became involved in Class IV Laser Therapy High Energy Systems and quickly became a pioneer in developing and training advanced new treatment techniques and protocols for many applications from toenail fungus, surgery and therapy.

In 2016, Dr. Zuckerman helped bring micro-drilling technology to the United States for the podiatric industry.