The RemyFX provides a light-weight option for an incredibly powerful laser … 45 watts (can customize up to 60w) and less than 10lbs!

The RemyFX also boasts three wavelengths: 980 | 810 | 1064

The RemyFX provided by Zuckerman Future Technologies comes with the same quality and customer service as the original Remy Laser, however, if you’re looking for more power in a functional package – RemyFX checks all the boxes.

Wavelength: 810 | 980 | 1064

Peak Power: 45w (can customize up to 60w)

Operation Mode: Continuous Wave (CW) or Repeat Pulse

Pilot Beam: Red Diode Laser of 650nm

Display: 7″ True Color Touch Screen | 600 x 1024 resolution

Dimensions: 230 (w) x 180 (l) x 135(h) mm

Weight: 8 lbs.

Your Complete Laser Kit Includes:

  • Laser control unit

  • Ergonomic handpieces

  • Fiber optic cable

  • Safety Goggles (3 pair)

  • Mobile carrying case

  • User protocol manual

  • Turnkey marketing resources

  • 5-year warranty