The Remy is a Class IV, FDA-Cleared Laser Capable of Treating Multiple Conditions, Paired with Innovative & Practical Design

When you invest in a laser for your practice, it should meet three important criteria:

1. It should be effective & result in desired patient outcomes.

2. It should be affordable for the patient.

3. It should result in ROI quickly for your practice.

The Remy checks all of these boxes…
and so much more!

The Remy Checks all the Boxes

  • Classification: IV

  • Functions: Pain/Inflammation | Toenail Fungus | Surgery

  • FDA-Clearance: Pain/Inflammation | Toenail Fungus | Surgery | Incision, Excision, Coagulation of Warts (no anesthetic needed)

  • Power: Low | Medium | High | 30w Peak

  • Weight: 4 lbs | Portable

  • Handpieces: Lightweight | Change w/ Finger-Switch

  • Additional Features: Toenail Micro-Drilling Attachment

  • Price: Under $15K | Equates to Faster ROI

  • Additional Features: Toenail Micro-Drilling Attachment

  • Distribution: Direct Manufacturer (no middle-man)

  • Warranty: Five Years

  • Training: Team Training & Ongoing Consultation with a Podiatrist

  • Added Value: Turnkey Marketing Tool Kit

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The Remy Class IV Laser is

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