The Remy Vet Laser is Capable of Treating Multiple Conditions, Paired with Innovative & Practical Design

With the Remy Vet Laser, you will be able to offer a conservative treatment option, in a soothing environment to restore mobility, strengthen muscles and joints, expedite healing, and decrease pain and discomfort.

When you invest in a laser for your practice…
Zuckerman Future Technologies believes it should meet three important criteria:

1. It should be effective & result in desired outcomes.

2. It should be affordable for the client.

3. It should result in ROI quickly for your practice.

The Remy Vet Laser checks all of these boxes… and so much more!

The Remy Vet Laser Checks all the Boxes for Physicians Looking to Provide an Effective and Conservative Treatment Option.

  • Classification: IV

  • Functions: Pain/Inflammation | Coagulation | Vaporization | Contact Cutting

  • Power: Low | Medium | High | 30w Peak

  • Weight: 4 lbs | Portable

  • Handpieces: Lightweight | Change w/ Finger-Switch

  • Price: Under $17K | Equates to Faster ROI

  • Warranty: Five Years

  • Training: Team Training & Ongoing Consultation with a Physician (Company Owner)

  • Added Value: Turnkey Marketing Tool Kit