The Remy Vet Laser Specifications

The Remy Vet Laser is an ideal option for pets and animals of all sizes for both immediate pain relief and various surgical procedures.

Treatment is painless.  In fact, even many surgical procedures don’t even require an anesthetic.  The Remy Vet Laser offers a treatment solution that creates a soothing environment for pets and animals and results in less blood loss, swelling, and post-surgical infections.

Wavelength: 650 | 810 | 915 | 980

Peak Power: 30w

Operation Mode: Continuous Wave (CW) or Repeat Pulse

Pilot Beam: Red Diode Laser of 650nm

Display: 7″ True Color Touch Screen | 600 x 1024 resolution

Dimensions: 160 (w) x 180 (l) x 235 (h) mm

Weight: 4 lbs

Your Complete Laser Kit Includes:

  • Laser control unit

  • Zoom therapy handpiece

  • 7mm bio-stimulation head

  • Fiber holder and fiber tips

  • Safety goggles

  • Foot switch

  • Carrying case

  • Turnkey marketing tool kit